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In an effort to help people learn about Judaism and Jewish life, was created by Rabbi Benjamin Golan for the Rabbinical Court of Queens, under the supervision of the Chief Rabbi Eliyahu Ben Haim. With the release of Rabbi Golan's new book, "Welcome to Judaism," it is the goal of the Rabbinical Court of Queens to help anyone interested in furthering their knowledge in basic Judaism and Orthodox Jewish conversion.


New students begin their journey in Judaism with a set of personalized classes supplemented by the "Welcome to Judaism" series of books that provide comprehensive information on Jewish law and tradition. Illustrated and translated into many languages, the books are designed for easy comprehension and daily application. 


Rabbi Benjamin Golan has helped many converts find their path to Judaism. Many of his former students have large families of their own holding strong in the tradition and values of Torah, and passing it to the second and third generation of their children. 


This book, 'Welcome to Judaism', by Rabbi Golan, is full of valuable details with an in-depth look into Judaism and the laws. The book is well laid out and can be easily read with an in-depth understanding at an easy pace for the reader from any background and any age. For anyone hungry for knowledge of Judaism from the foundation or just wanting to refresh one's understanding, this is the book to go with!


- Sarah Spears

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